Corporate Services

The objectives of the Corporate Services Department are amongst others:

  • To ensure that the administration of the Municipality is running smoothly, that all administrative and legal processes and prescripts are complied with.
  • To provide sufficient and a proper Human Resource function, appoint the necessary staff and ensure proper training and functioning.
  • To ensure that the property portfolio of the Municipality is properly administered, maintained and that all related matters are being dealt with.
  • Planning, design, procurement, implementation, management and maintenance of municipal information and communication technology network infrastructure
  • To ensure that proper labour relations, communication and customer care are practiced in the workplace.
  • To ensure that all legal matters and legal compliance are attended to, that all contracts, tenders and documentation comply with legislative procedures and to provide legal advice where needed
  • To ensure that a service of high quality, standards and professionalism is rendered by the Directorate and units within Corporate Services
  • To ensure that administration support of high quality is rendered to the Council by means of agendas, minutes and the implementation of council resolutions
  • To provide a sufficient and proper Archive Service

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