ZFM Employee Wellness Day

The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality recently held an Employee Wellness Day. The intention of the day was to create a culture of wellness and engagement among employees. The ZFM District Municipality understands that employee wellness is inextricably linked to employee performance and thus, an improved organizational culture. A culture that takes into account the overall well-being of one’s employees.

All the employees were divided into teams with team captains beforehand and on the wellness day, teams came with high spirits, dressed by theme and ready to participate in the various games to be played.
The program consisted of various games being played which include but not limited to the energizer and team spirit game, poncho game, circle of trust game, blindfold glass game and so forth. Although there was a competitive spirit among teams, the day was filled with fun and laughter.

Uploaded on March 24, 2023, by Martha Manyehe

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