Submission of statutory documents to the Auditor-General

During a Special Council meeting held on the 29th October 2020, the ZF Mgcawu District Municipal Council endorsed the submission of the Annual Financial Statements 2019/2020, Annual Performance Report 2019/2020 as well as the Draft Annual Report 2019/2020 to the Auditor-General as per the requirements of the Municipal Financial Management Act and the Public Audit Act.

The Annual Financial Statements, Annual Performance Report and the Draft Annual Report were scheduled to be submitted to the Auditor-General on the 31st August 2020, however, the government gazette issued on the 5th August 2020 by the National Treasury exempted municipalities and municipal entities from complying with the provisions of section 126(1) and (2), 127(1) and (2), 129(1) and 133(2) of the Municipal Finance Management Act, 56 of 2003. Municipalities were granted leave to submit their statutory reports by the 30th October 2020.

The Executive Mayor, Councillor Paulus Mgcera thanked the Administration for the hard work that they continue to do and the fact that the legislative documents required by the office of the Auditor-General are ready to be submitted on the 30th of October 2020. Council applauded the administration for striving towards achieving excellence.

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