School Uniform Campaign

It takes a nation to raise a child and it’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference in a child’s life and future. Learners of Franciscus Primary and Soverby Primary School were fortunate today to also benefit from the school uniform campaign of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality and ABSA Bank. Councillor Maryna Basson, Executive Mayor of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality joined by Councillor A. Johnson (Member of the Mayoral Committee), representatives of ABSA and SGB members handed over the uniforms to the learners in need in an attempt to encourage school attendance.

The Executive Mayor said that the need for school uniforms became evident during the yearly back-to-school drive and took it upon themselves to find the necessary sponsorship to assist the learners.

The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality acknowledges the importance of education and ensuring that all children have a fair opportunity to participate fully in school. The Principal of Franciscus Primary School, Mr Esau said it warms his heart to know that these learners now have one less factor that contributes to dropout levels. He said a number of the beneficiaries come from homes that are seriously affected by socio-economic challenges.

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