Media Statement – ZF Mgcawu District Municipality holds inaugural Council Meeting – 14 DECEMBER 2021

Coucillor Paulus Mgcera – Executive Mayor
Coucillor Stanley Peterson – Speaker

The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality held its inaugural Council meeting on the 14th of December 2021 in Upington.

During this Council meeting, 23 Councillors took the oath of office pledged to obey and respect the Constitution and the laws of South Africa and to perform their functions and duties as a Councillor of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality to the best of their abilities.

Following a formal nomination and election process the following leadership was elected:

  • Councillor Stanley Peterson of the Khoisan Revolution was elected as the Speaker
  • Councillor Paulus Mvuleni Mgcera of the African National Congress was elected as the Executive Mayor
  • Councillor Josef Silo of the African National Congress was elected as the Chief Whip
  • Councillor Maureen Catherine Basson of the African National Congress was elected as the Chairperson of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC)

The full list of 23 Councillors who now form part of the ZFM Council, includes:

  • Paulus Mvuleni Mgcera [ANC]
  • William Rodrick Stanley Peterson (Khoisan Revolution)
  • Josef Silo (ANC)
  • Maureen Catherine Basson (ANC)
  • Elroy Ennis Jan Phete (ANC)
  • Aletta Matshimo (ANC)
  • Deeyone Hermanus De Koker (DA)
  • Maria Hendrika Barbara van Zyl (DA)
  • Florence Lee-Anne Witbooi (DA)
  • Jack Esau (EFF)
  • Pieter Hermanus Matthys (Hope for the Future)
  • Mellisa Lucille September (ANC)
  • Peter Jacobus George (ANC)
  • Franklin Basson (ANC)
  • Philippus Theodorus Van der Steen (DA)
  • Samuel Sandlana (DA)
  • Charntelle Frances Priscilla Bezuidenhout (DA)
  • Avril Constance Kotzee (Hope for the Future)
  • Aron Johnson (ANC)
  • John Balies (EFF)
  • Kgosietsile George Keorometswe (ANC)
  • Anthony Joan Ruiters (DA)
  • Denys Reginald Pienaar (ANC)

The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality wishes to welcome and congratulate the newly elected leadership and Councillors and trust that they will take the District to higher heights.

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