The Speaker of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, Cllr Stanley Peterson held the first Men’s Dialogue in Khoisan Valley today. The programme intended to bring men together so that they can share their stories of tragedies they faced in life and societal issues. The programme was attended by Councillors, Religious leaders, NGO representatives, officials of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality & Dawid Kruiper Municipality and the community.

Cllr Peterson urged men to speak out and not despair in silence. He further opened his door for men to come to him for advice and support.

A young man, Anthony Abrahams shared his story of how he started using drugs at the age of eight and was sentenced to 10 years for assault and attempted rape in his teenage years. Today he has changed his life and has joined hands in fighting against crime, drugs and gender-based violence.

A community member, Derrick Louw also shared his story of abuse when growing up. He has asked for advice from other men with his domestic problems and also for prayers. Other speakers have raised their marital problems and said they will welcome help to overcome these issues.

The programme was closed off with words of encouragement from religious leaders in the District.

Uploaded on October 14, 2022, by Martha Manyehe

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