Executive Mayor Elected at ZFM

During a Special Council meeting held on the 11th March 2020, the Council of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality elected its new permanent Executive Mayor. In terms of Section 55 (2) of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, a vacancy in the office of the executive mayor must be filled when necessary and as such Council was obligated to elect an Executive Mayor as a matter of urgency. A formal nomination and voting process took place and the incumbent, Councillor Paulus Mvuleni Mgcera was elected as Executive Mayor of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality 

Council Ex Mayor-WebsiteIn his acceptance speech, the newly elected Executive Mayor asked political parties to work together to elevate service delivery in the District. The Executive Mayor made a request to Council that all the scheduled Council meetings henceforth should rotate to all the different municipal areas in the District coupled with a Service Delivery Day afterwards in conjunction with all public and private sector stakeholders in an effort to deal with the service delivery needs of the respective communities. Councillor Mgcera brings with him a wealth of experience in Local Government and will strengthen the governance and oversight at the District Municipality. Councillor Mgcera was congratulated by the opposition parties, pledging their cooperation and support to make the ZF Mgcawu District the best District within the province and thereby working towards the realization of ‘A Modern, Growing and Successful Province. The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality wishes to congratulate the newly elected Executive Mayor Councillor Paulus Mgcera and trusts he will lead the District to higher heights.

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