Executive Mayor celebrates Mandela Day

The Executive Mayor of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, Councillor Maryna Basson engaged in various activities in the Kai !Garib Municipal Area to commemorate the International Nelson Mandela Day, on Monday 18 July 2022.

The theme for Mandela Day this year is “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”, and in staying true to the theme the Executive Mayor handed over blankets and food parcels to families in need. She spent time at a crèche and engaged with the personnel and children where she donated paint and food parcels to them.

Councillor Basson continuously echoed the importance of Mandela Day, that in essence, Madiba celebrated the idea that every individual has the power to transform the world.

The Executive Mayor was accompanied by Councillor Matshimo and Councillor Johnson from the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality as well as Councillors from the Kai !Garib Local Municipality. 

Uploaded on July 18, 2022, by Martha Manyehe

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