ZFM Environmental Health on Covid-19

Environmental health services (EHS) is a function of District and Metropolitan Municipalities in South Africa in terms of Section 32 (1) of the National Health Act 2003 (Act 61 of 2003), as amended and stipulates that “Every Metropolitan and District Municipality must ensure that appropriate municipal health services are effectively and equitably provided in their respective areas.”

The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality provides Environmental Health Services in the District and a part of their functions include the surveillance and prevention of communicable diseases, general hygiene monitoring, health surveillance of premises, disposal of the dead and water quality management.

The Environmental Health Unit at the ZF Mgcawu District has been actively involved in awareness campaigns specifically targeted at Covid-19 awareness and training of all stakeholders involved in the fight to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The following activities have taken place thus far:

ª      Training for Funeral Undertakers on the proper handling of deceased persons

ª      Environmental Health received training from NDOH on Contact Tracing

ª      Evaluating quarantine facilities across the District

ª      Water samples taken at identified locations to monitor water quality

ª      Distribution of pamphlets on physical distancing in public areas/ clinics and waiting areas

ª      Assessment of Taxi Ranks in various Municipal areas

ª      Evaluation of Homeless facilities (shelters)

The ZFM District Environmental Health Unit are actively involved in all relevant rapid response team meetings and are an integral part of the District Health system. “Our fundamental task at this moment is to contain the spread of the disease”- President Cyril Ramaphosa

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