Thusong Service Centre Week

Today the Provincial Annual Thusong Service Centre Week Build-Up Programme took place at the Augrabies Thusong Service Centre in Kai !Garib Local Municipality.

The Thusong Service Centres began in the 1990s as the government’s strategy to correct the imbalances of the past by bringing services and information closer to the people. One of the best ways to empower our people is to not only provide them with timely and accurate information but to render on the spot service delivery to address their immediate needs.

The Executive Mayor of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, Cllr. Maryna Basson, the Mayor of Kai !Garib Local Municipality, Cllr Marshall Matthys, the Speaker of Kai !Garib Local Municipality, Cllr Ethel Vas and Ward Councillors took a walkabout to look at the services being rendered by the various government departments and organs of state.

An important feature of the day was the community engagement between the community and the political heads because democratic governance expects citizens to get involved in the process of sustainable democracy.

In September of we also celebrate Public Service Month. We focus on reawakening and strengthening the Batho Pele principles. It is the duty of every public servant to serve our communities with respect, honesty, integrity and professionalism.

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